Mingle lets you engage, monitor and visualize social content in a whole new way.

Create dynamic animations and stunning visuals from the social content you choose.



Use Mingle to interact with any audience. Engage customers with instant experiences through stunning visualizations.

Search Social Content

Experience what people around the world are sharing about any topic you choose. Mingle will search the various social media networks for the content you want to display.


The Mingle Management Console gives you complete control over setting up every aspect of the Mingle system. Customize the design of the Mingle visualization project to match the look and feel of an event or brand.


Mingle runs a custom graphics engine that allows content to be shown in a very dynamic CG environment. With Mingle being part software and part hardware, it outputs stunning visuals direct to screen without the need for any “middleware”.

Text and Photos

Mingle can process and display various types of content such as images, videos as well as Tweets and Instagram photos aggregated from various social networks.

Monitor Content

The Mingle monitor console filters every piece of data that is searched. Any smartphone, tablet or computer can be used to monitor content. All content must be approved before it is sent to the visualization engine and output.



Mingle Experience

Mingle aggregates multiple social media and content sources in order to create a visually engaging experience.


Viewer Engagement

The Mingle platform displays social content according to the keywords searched, showing the viewer they are part of an interactive experience.


Dynamic Animations

Mingle generates advanced custom particle animations that are visually stunning and sure to catch your audiences attention.



Mingle can be used on a touch screen surface allowing people to directly interact with the content live on screen.

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How It Works

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Search for social content.

The Mingle search utility can fetch various hashtags across multiple social media platforms. Whether you create a custom hashtag for an event, or want to search popular social media topics, Mingle will aggregate all the data for you.

Monitor results.

Every piece of content searched, is monitored by our software. It's an important step in the process that guarantees negative images or messages don’t make it onto the screen. The monitoring console can be run on any smartphone, tablet, or computer. It can be used by one or multiple people at the same time, making high volume events a breeze to monitor.

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Approved photos and messages are formatted into custom visual elements that appear on screen. Mingle generates beautiful animations on screen from all the approved content. The more people that Mingle, the more dynamic the visuals become.

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